Spink County Conservation District has created this website to provide individuals with information about Spink County, the service the district provides, and ways we can conserve our natural resources for years to come.

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Tree Information

Tree Descriptions
How to Plant a Tree
How to Prune Trees
Weed Control in Shelterbelts
Sweating Trees
Dr. John Ball’s Pest Updates
Emerald Ash Borer

Grass Seeding

Millborn Seeds
Weed Control in CRP
Grass Cover Between Tree Rows
Buying Quality Grass Seed For Lawns
Turfgrass Establishment In South Dakota

Fruit Information

Fruit Tree Information
Fruit Varieties for South Dakota
Pollination Requirements for Fruit Trees
Growing Asparagus
Strawberries In South Dakota
Raspberries In South Dakota
Grapes In South Dakota

Contact Information
Spink Conservation District
PO Box 146
25 1/2 Sixth Avenue West
Redfield, SD 57469-1117
Phone: 605-472-1437