Located in East Central South Dakota, the Spink Conservation District was established in 1941 and lies within and includes all land in Spink County. The James River flows through the county from north to south. The District boundaries coincide with the county boundaries. The county is 42 miles long by 36 miles wide and contains 965,958 acres. Of this acreage 785,000 acres are in cropland; 157,000 acres are in rangeland; and the remaining acres are in farmsteads, urban area and roads.
Spink Conservation History

District Annual Progress Report-2017

District Board

Jamie Johnson- Chairman Don Masat- Supervisor
Jeff VanderWal- Supervisor Tony Lyren РSupervisor
Doug Braun- Supervisor Kristie Binger – Advisor
David Gatzke- Advisor
District Personnel

Ivy Pazour- District Manager

Dennis Clemens - District Technician

NRCS Staff
Shane Jordan – District Conservationist
Jay Hermann- Range Specialist
Jamison Winter- Soil Conservationist
Bryce Ahlers- Soil Conservationist
Shelli Domke- Program Support Specialist
Steve Winter – Soil Scientist
Lance Howe- Soil Scientist
Wilfredo Justiniano- Soil Scientist
Sam Fryman- Pheasants Forever Biologist

Contact Information
Spink Conservation District
PO Box 146
25 1/2 Sixth Avenue West
Redfield, SD 57469
Phone: 605-472-1437 Ext 3